Basically, every country will establish a direct central bank digital currency that is not tied to debt (currently, their currencies are created when banks issue loans). The IMF itself will also have a direct currency. The idea is that all countries can if need be, coordinate stimulus spending to counter worldwide deflationary cycles without giving any single country an automatic advantage like what the US enjoys today since it can print the world reserve currency at will.

The other important aspect of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) is that they will allow for a way to make citizens whole when banks go bankrupt and bank insurance systems don’t have enough money to pay depositors. CBDC would allow for the direct grants of currency to citizens while allowing the bank to cease to exist.

All of this is signaling the high probability that there will be widespread insolvency and loan defaults that will hit banks hard.

I am protecting my wealth by holding my reserves in gold and bitcoin. I find the platform a very convenient way to hold both assets. If you want more info about any of this post a comment.

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