I expect you will accept Medicare benefits and Social Security in your old age, just like Ayn Rand, arguing that such benefits will be restitution to you for the theft you experienced by being forced to support the elderly during your younger working years through medicare and social security taxes.

No socialized scheme will ever force you to participate on the benefit side of the equation; and all you have to do to is become rich enough to comfortably reject any perceived restrictions on the benefit side and you will preserve your righteous individualism.

Everyone has some aspect of government they would like to exclude from their tax obligations, but the more perfect union we strive to achieve has to arrive at some consensus to which everyone is obligated.

The solutions I suggest in this thread would at least preserve your right to politically express your preferences at the state level. Who knows, maybe your state would, with your help, choose to put everybody except the rich and federal retirees back on a cash basis for medical care. In my state I would advocate something more along the lines of the Taiwanese or Singaporean model because I think the broad well-being across all classes and ages that socialized medicine achieves at a low GDP helps all individuals achieve their potential. Thus combined, all these individuals contribute to the general prosperity of society. A general prosperity enjoyed by even libertarians void of the slightest debt of gratitude for the social ecosystem that provides them the foundation upon which to build their overblown sense of self.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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