How Mexico and all of Latin America could give the USA a big F-you about illegal drugs:

  1. Create a legal tender silver coin with no stamped peso denomination, but instead with an explicitly periodically declared value that is guaranteed by government decree to never decrease. Since this declared value would increase as the value of hard assets increase compared to fiat pesos it would be an extremely popular way for the little people to store wealth. That will monetize silver and drive its cost much higher, making the value of huge Mexican silver reserves increase and make a Mexican silver coin the preferred hard currency money throughout Central America, Colombia, and Venezuela. This would be very popular with the poor indigenous farmers who produce the raw materials for illicit drugs and provide the labor for the processing and shipment of those drugs. This hard currency, which would be more stable than the dollar would enable the regional governments to become the monopoly purchaser of all drug supplies as noted in point #2 below.
  2. Make it a Mexican government foreign policy priority to corner the market in illicit drugs produced in Latin America. With the Mexican government leading the way, and eventually with the full support of Latin American countries, Mexico would purchase most of the illicit drugs produced. If producers knew they could sell safely and fairly to the military of their country at a price higher than the narcos pay, the corrupting power of the narcos would be severely diminished.
  3. Mexico would then legalize the export of said drugs and license the cartels as legal export companies. If the US government wanted to take those drugs off the market it could simply agree to pay more for the drugs from the Mexican Government than what the cartels are willing to pay.

The way the US uses its exorbitant privilege of having the world’s reserve currency along with a joke of a drug policy continues to push cartel corruption upon its southern neighbors. This has been a slow-moving war against those neighbors for decades. Its high time they call the US’s bluff by demanding that Uncle Sam either pay up or shut up.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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