I agree, but want to add a few things. Please read further without pre-judging me politically.

  1. Cases and deaths are not spiking the same as positive tests so we need to be patient and trusting of epidemiologists and medical providers as they gather all the information necessary to justify further restrictions and not let media hysteria force politicians to institute unnecessary and counter-productive restrictions while actual cases and deaths are low and declining. Things are different now. We have a lot more knowledge about the virus and the disease it causes — and most of all how to better treat it.
  2. We need to educate ourselves about the mathematics behind the rate of unreliable testing. Nothing is perfect. In the past, when mostly only very sick people were tested, let’s say we found that 1% of tests had unreliable results. In the past, that meant that if we tested 1,000 people then 10/1,000 people needed further testing to verify their status. If now we test 100,000 people trying to catch asymptomatic carriers early, we will get 1% of 100,000 or 1000/100,000 unreliable tests — let’s just call them “false-positives” for our purposes. If we also test 1,000 additional people who are presenting severe symptoms then we will then be running slightly more than a 50% false-positive rate on our testing overall! The sky is not falling — we don’t have more cases — only a lot more false-positives.
  3. Spain should be stricter about social gatherings. Colombia has a similar culture and it has very strict rules for restaurants, other indoor activities, and even house parties. The police are out and about enforcing rules with arrests, fines, and even imprisonment in some cases. Colombia puts the “perp” walks on the nightly news showing people in handcuffs being escorted out of establishments where rules were not followed. In some egregious cases, the proprietors of the location are arrested as well for allowing things to get so out of control.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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