I agree with the Austrian School that inflation always stems from an inflated money supply due to government policy. When money is honest prices will go up and down according to healthy supply and demand based upon normal changes in productivity. When governments don’t suppress interest rates savers are more willing to put their money to work for a return and that is not deflation. The inflation you describe would require an increase in interest rates and THAT would crash the economy since so many companies are zombies that can’t stay afloat without zero interest rate monetary methadone from the Fed. We are in a debt trap so we will have deflation and then hyper inflation and then a reset. Gold is necessary insurance to help weather that storm. A reset could also bring Bitcoin into the mainstream. Gold will be between $4000 and $40000/oz and Bitcoin between $100000 and $1000000. Indeed, Raoul Pal who you quote in your article, recently said, “I was starting to have this hunch that almost no trade matters except Bitcoin at this point. Almost everything is an inferior trade to Bitcoin. And so I started testing that hypothesis. Now, I’ve not even written this up yet so people are hearing this for the first time, and I’ve alluded to it on Twitter, but I looked at Bitcoin versus everything.”

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SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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