I also see faith as a natural power not to be confused with mere belief. We use faith when we stick our hand into the dark while searching for a light switch — we don’t know for sure we won’t touch something harmful. Armed with the power of faith and past experience we take the plunge! Similarly, we put our feet upon the floor when rising from bed not knowing for sure if it will support us or if perhaps there is a snake under our bed ready to strike. I use these seemingly ludicrous examples so that a person with very weak powers of faith can be imagined. We often see people paralyzed with fear as being insane, but we could just as well see them as devoid of faith.

So how does one strengthen their power of faith? Through practice. Through striving for actual proof in LIFE.

Those who corrupt religion always fail to uphold the value and dignity of life. They are always ready to sacrifice someone else's children for a cause. They prioritize the afterlife and dogma and neglect their common humanity.

Faith is not special. One’s object of faith is what matters. The Nazis had strong faith in their cause. If our power of faith feels stifled we are like a potted plant that has become root-bound. Instead of condemning the other and letting our faith be corrupted by hell, hunger, animality, and anger; it would be better to reexamine our life and reassess our object of faith. With a better object of faith, we can build stronger roots capable of breaking out of the small pot restricting our growth.

Ultimately our lives and environment reflect our object of faith. We are ultimately responsible. If we don’t like the trajectory of our lives then we can seek out new faith practices, new objects of faith to use to build our power of faith and gain the hope we are lacking. Will we face obstacles? Of course. A powerful one being corrupt religion which seeks to suppress the “infidel”.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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