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I have also added a knee/shin hard shell protective gear and hard shell wrist protector between gloves and leather jacket. The Jacket has CE rated armour embedded front, back, elbows and shoulders. This all for an 8 minute ride on a quiet double wide road to work. The electric motor allows me to go 25 mph if I have to — a safety feature when trying to clear intersection, hold lane for left hand turn, etc. A 134 decibel solid state horn and signals (added later) help as well. I also took out the Velosurance policy for extra medical and equipment loss coverage which does not require actual contact like auto-related policies in most states. I also subscribed to my employer-sponsored accident policy. Bike riders who don’t own cars should also take out a Non-owners automobile policy with maximum PIP benefits as well. Bike riding in the USA is putting your life at risk, but hell it is just too much fun…so take all reasonable actions you can afford in order to mitigate the risk!

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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