I think bitcoin and gold are not mutually exclusive and instead are converging, especially since allocated physical gold can now be “held” and traded on the blockchain. I like the Kinesis.money platform for trading between bitcoin and gold. As a gold stacker over the years, I love Kinesis. It came in super handy when my recent change of resident country meant the new country wanted to charge me a hefty customs duty on any physical gold I wanted to bring into the country.

The world is obviously heading towards some kind of monetary reset. In the meanwhile, us “little guys” at least have convenient means such as Kinesis Money ( https://kinesis.money/) where we can hold digitally liquid gold, silver, dollars, euros, bitcoin, and ethereum; and also easily trade between these without storage fees while we await the reset. US banking arrangement allows funding without paying high wiring fees. Transaction fees are extremely low and 80% of them are distributed back to us “little guys” as velocity yields. The digital metal is allocated to physical gold held in ABX vaults. Their crypto cold wallet is also well-priced.

Those wishing to credit me with letting them know about Kinesis may sign up using this Referral Link:

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