I will be retiring in Pasto, Nariño in a few months and have been reading everything I can about Colombia. I discovered ColombiaReport and Sr. Alsema through the site MedellinGuru. When I enrolled as a Patreon Supporter for Sr. Alsema I noticed he is at around $1500/month, so that is good. My impression of the state of journalism in Colombia is that it needs to be much more data driven and avoid ideological ranting so that even if the data shows that potential is being spoiled by corruption at least hope remains based upon a universal sense of patriotic pride in Colombia's potential. Even the worst killer usually loves his mother. If journalism shows that corruption is a waste for everyone except just one selfish individual and even for them only in the short term, then perhaps the powerful will value journalism's ability to help the powerful control the runaway greed of their underlings. That way the corruption can be focused on how the selfishness of one individual harms not only the disenfranchised in society, but ultimately the powerful as well. A plea for improvement need not always be an appeal for revolution. Indeed, revolutions don't always make things better -- and the majority of people from all strata will usually resist revolution. If journalists help the powerful find reasons to curb greed because progress and stability is good for everyone, then that might turn out to be a model for journalism that creates value for society without triggering reactionary forces which make any progressive journalism nearly impossible.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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