If the socio-economic power asymmetry you mention is the fact that men on average earn more than women then are you saying that in exchange for monogamous female affections men give women economic security and exhibit the duty, discipline, and maturity to stay monogamous as well; and that women should rightfully have such expectations?

If yes, then I’ve got to tell you that after two marriages and 35 years of exhibiting such virtues I have learned through my own experience and second hand from many men that most women have little appreciation for those virtues and are consistently looking for a replacement either out of a yearning for sexual variety, more financial security, or new attention to feed their emotional insecurities.

If you think that your gloriously mature, disciplined, and dutiful commitment will protect you from getting burned, I hope you are right.

For the rest of us recovering from the wounds of the Standard Narrative* the poly approach of freely giving grounded love day by day is an appealing option.

*as defined by the book Sex At Dawn by Ryan and Jetha

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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