If the Trump cult stays in power, the GOP has no future. I suggest you stop thinking like a European if you want to speculate about US politics. Not re-electing an incumbent president is about as dramatic as things get under our 2 party system. The US system is designed to only allow two bases of power, center-left and center-right. When all the votes are counted you will see that this election was historic in terms of the magnitude of the win. If Trump had kept his mouth shut and his vile character out of the spotlight, he would have won. Traditional conservative republicans no longer feel welcome in the GOP/Trump Cult. YouTube the Lincoln Project and watch their discussion panels and the very effective ads they produced for this campaign. The Lincoln Project is a consortium of the best and brightest political operatives of the Republican Party from the last 25 years. They are committed to continuing to punish any enablers of Trumpism until the GOP burns to the ground and starts over again. It is going to be fun to watch GOP Trump enablers, in the words of Mike Madrid of the Lincoln Project, sneak off to the pawnshop to try to retrieve their character and soul. It is even conceivable that in some states new center-right parties begin with names like "The Conservative Party" or something similar. Republican governors in Democratic party dominated states who are prevented by the Trump cult from choosing their own state party leaders will be unable to convince enough voters statewide that they can serve in a non-partisan manner unless Trumpism is purged from the party in those states. In the end, this election was not about policy; it was about the exhaustion the public felt from the constant reminders of the vile character of Trump and his incompetence and authoritarianism.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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