I’m the person who posted the “you look VERY HOT” comment.

I’m wondering why you covered my identity and also failed to post my reply.

You ask in this article, “But, more importantly, why does *anyone* think it’s okay to leave comments like that?”, but then fail to post my original answer to that question. Also you then proceed to request censorship of comments that make writers feel “uncomfortable”.

If you had just engaged me a little I would have explained in more depth and that might have been instructive for one or both of us, but instead you lacked the courage to engage.

I read your article as a satirical piece about dating apps. I responded with similar satire. Of course the first line of my comment was crass — that crassness was a satirical critic of dating apps — not an attempt to harass you. The last line about Friends was a satirical critic of the superficial level of friendship on social media.

Look, like I said, writing for the public is risky. Attempts at humor are risky. I can’t be responsible for knowing all about a writer’s back story and walking on pins and needles every time I wish to comment.

For the public, below is my response to your comment about my original post. And just for the record I have never been violent towards any women and do not condone violence except for reasonable self-defense.


Well I guess I missed something. I thought the point of your article was how subjecting yourself to the shallow judgments associated with Tinder had the surprising effect of actually building your self esteem. With all the hullabaloo about online dating sites nowadays (especially Tinder) your article was refreshingly original and down to earth. It was also funny. Humor, though, is very subjective and risky; as is writing in general. I thought my comment was in no way thinly veiled as a joke, but instead, clearly a joke in perfect sync with the spirit of your article.

Your response to my comment made me uncomfortable, so I guess we are even.

I’m sorry you felt compelled to ban me. I don’t think I deserved it.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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