Mahayana Buddhism views the tenets expressed in your response as lower or preparatory teachings. Repression of desire has only limited use and paradoxically (as you do well point out) leads to death. The West is mostly familiar with non-Mahayana teachings because that is what early colonizers encountered first and because that is what was easiest to interpret from a Western point of view. Mahayana Buddhism deals with paradox in a way unfamiliar and uncomfortable to Western traditions. For example, Mahayana Buddhism is famous for emphasizing “oneness” which leads to the joke: “What kind of hotdog did the Buddha order? One with everything!” This article deals with paradox, Buddhism, and modern math logic structures that approach Buddhist thought. Mahayana Buddhist don’t seek to extinguish desire, but instead, they “burn the firewood of desire to reveal enlightenment” in their daily lives. What is dignified is the appreciation of the potential life offers to live actively and creative value. Righteous self defense of my body and environment and Justice in general defends that dignity.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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