Mr Bates,

Help me out here, would you? First, please read below the conversation I had on the Truthdig site:


Meanwhile…after one gets past the “give up, we’re all gonna die” phase, one should consider and support the really positive efforts posited by this fellow: This particular link specifies how Mexico (hopefully with some help from the international community) could convert the seaweed blooms caused by the fires in the Amazon into biochar to bind a good portion of that carbon for centuries AND super-invigorate Mexican tropical soils in order expand forest growth there. Mr Bates is an expert on permaculture and natural carbon sequestration and he has posted many valuable articles about those topics.

Ridingthewildhorse Michael Murphy • 23 minutes ago • edited
“Biochar” is just another one of those “geoengineering fixes” created by fraudulent corporations to make money off of the “green revolution” — never mind that it is completely unproven “technology”……..but in today’s world, “anecdotes” seem to take the place of REAL science, don’t they…..

Michael Murphy Ridingthewildhorse • a few seconds ago
I don’t think the ten year old press release you site is the last scientific word on biochar. Since I’m not as well versed on this as Mr. Bates, I’ll get his feedback on this and post his rebuttal here.

So, can you help me rebut this fellow’s argument? Perhaps you would like to go there and engage him yourself?

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