My comment is off topic but in a good way. I see that you have connections to CMS.

If you ever are in a position of power please see if you can address this injustice:

Rural women who never attain sufficient social security points by being non-payroll farm/family caretakers, and who do not have access to Medicare Advantage plans due to being outside of hmo network areas, and who are more than 3.5 years older than their spouses; never have a Medicare supplement guaranteed acceptance period since they start Medicare at age 65 eligible for Part B only and only become eligibly for Part A more than 6 months later when their younger spouse hits age 62.

Unfortunately, under current regulations, starting Part A is not a valid reason for guaranteed acceptance for Medicare Supplement insurance. One has to be within 6 months of age 65 or the start of Part B.

What this means is that many rural women due to pre-existing medical conditions are never able to enroll in Medicare Supplement insurance.

I have taken this up with my congressmen and senators here in Texas but they won’t even meet with me on this subject saying that’s an executive branch regulatory issue. CMS told me to pursue a political solution.

Please put this issue on your good things to get done after the virus crisis list. I suspect you know people who could fix this.


SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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