No, I don’t object to these flawed CDC estimates presented in the article you cite because the keyword in the article you cite is “Estimates”:

Like the byline for this (Scientific American article linked above)article states: The former[Covid] are actual numbers; the latter [flu] are inflated statistical estimates.

Science depends on people moving forward even if they are shown by peer review to have been wrong. Now the CDC is getting plenty of peer review and hopefully in the future, with better leadership in government, a lot more funding.

Also, to make a better comparison, since the flu results and our flu suppression and mitigation efforts have been steady over the years, one can just compare “normal” recent ongoing rate of deaths to current excess rates of death and thus logically attribute the increases to Covid-19. We can draw conclusions based on raw numbers because the decrease of deaths due to mitigations such as fewer traffic accidents can be roughly offset by the increase of deaths due to nondirect-Covid causes, but attributable to knock-on effects of mitigation such as normal heart attack patients not getting care as quickly due to the current overload of the system due to Covid-19 patients.

Also, anyone arguing your side of the proposition that Covid-19 is no worse than the flu, must consider the current state we would be in if we had adhered to that faulty premise and not instituted non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) commonly called “the shutdown”. Every study of the intrinsic transmissivity of the virus that causes Covid-19 disease shows it to be many times as contagious as the flu and that without NPIs we would have reached 10s of millions of more infections in the USA along with millions of deaths exceeding the over 1 million Americans lost in all wars, instead of what we have now; deaths that “only” exceed those deaths from the Vietnam War!

It is a good that even Donald Trump finally had the good sense to shut things down. Even a con man as good as him would not have been able to claim eligibility for re-election if the death toll had hit 1 million. As it stands he is arguing, “Without me, the death toll would have been a million! It's all the fault of the commies and the WHO!”; while his minions yell, “It has only killed 60,000, that’s less than the flu, the screwed-up economy is the democrat's fault!”

One more thing, we have yet to know what the long-term effects of being infected with this virus are. Studies are showing that large numbers of children do get infected, are active carriers and may have long-term effects such as chronic Kawasaki’s disease which puts them at higher risk all their lives for heart disease.

Thankfully, as the Science Magazine article linked above shows, clinicians, at the risk of there lives are hard at work trying to develop a real understanding of the pathology of this virus which has a much different infection process than the flu. It is turning out that it may actually be more a blood clotting disease than lung disease.

Furthermore the recent NYT article link just below lists 46 things we don’t know yet about this disease:

I get it that this is a huge financial burden on society and young people that have lost income and want to return to work OR be supported with welfare, sick pay, or hazard pay if they don’t feel their workplace is safe. For retirees, though, who have incomes, the least we can do is stay home and help give science and the medical system time to figure out how to fight this beast of a virus that definitely is NOT the flu. If retirees who can stay home and avoid this beast do insist on going out then they should at least wear a mask and have the decency to die at home near their clearly posted Do Not Resuscitate order.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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