I realized that COVID-19 is not a joke, and life is too fragile in the end.

Not a joke indeed, because though our individual lives are very fragile, LIFE itself is not. LIFE is eternal. When we come into this world we accept living with all of its complexities and risks. This intricate balance is what supports LIFE in general. The height of individual arrogance is to think we are immune to these risks; and even worse, to judge the virtue of others according to whether or not they succumb to a particular hazard. The best we can do is try to well up the wisdom to take the best action possible to push the trendline in a better direction. That’s where humility and compassion come into play. Thank you for memorializing your friend’s humility and compassion.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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