Of course there is no such thing as a purely objective world. The obvious truth of dependent origination makes that clear. A universe without sentient beings who cannot sense the moon is also a world without any subject-object differentiation at all. Without differentiation between a moon and its planet there would be no moon. As far as we know, any universe with subject-object differentiation is also imbued with sentient life. Only one deluded by the concept of purely spiritual phenomena can accept its opposite delusion of a purely objective world. All phenomena are an inseparable manifestation of both “spirit” and “non-spirit” just as all beings are an inseparable manifestation of subject and object or self and environment. When the “self” is extinguished so too is extinguished the unique environment of that self. We all, each of us are the center of a universe. That is why the ability to change ourselves is the highest joy. That ability is neither spiritual or material, but derives instead from the eternally existent potentiality underlying all phenomena. What the Buddhists call Ku, Chu, or in totality the Law of the Universe. Ultimately the fundamental identity of each individual is the Law of the Universe itself.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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