Someday, I hope not too late, the USA will overcome its legacy of African slavery and racism. In the meanwhile it makes it very difficult for the USA to lecture other cultures about racism. That being said, it is important for Americans to not romanticize Asian cultures and the proclivity of those cultures to be very racist and tribal. Indeed, Japanese culture, as a whole, is like one big religious/tribal cult that does not play well with diversity. That is why things got so out of hand when Japan tried to emulate western imperialism in Asia. Japan just could not overcome the anger that welled up when they tried to out-imperial the western imperialist. The hypocrisy caused sever cultural cognitive dissonance since the Japanese were obviously superior when it came to being perfectionist.

As enlightened as westerners might try to become, it is ultimately very difficult for them to overcome their ingrained superiority complex mostly derived from the unifying cultural base of Christianity. As long as Asians play along with the western assumption that Christianity is best then, everything is OK. But let anyone assert a proposition such as Buddhism is better than Christianity and things get weird very fast.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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