Thank you, Christina; and especially today your kind words saved me.

I’m tempted to write about my recent divorce after 26 years of marriage, but I’m afraid of turning an essay into a short story into a novel. It would have to at least be a series and that makes me wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just move on. See, I’m rambling already.

I think you mentioned recently that you live in Alberta. I was in Jasper a few winters ago and in the middle of a 40 below night went out and stood close to very large Elk nibbling on some branches near a soft street light. I sensed they felt no threat from me and was drawn dangerously close. I stood there for a long while staring up into their eyes and marveling at the clouds of vapor exploding from their nostrils. Though well dressed for the cold, I had to cut the experience short or freeze. Maybe that’s how I need to write. Treat my inner life like a fascinating wild beast that can only studied a glimpse at a time.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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