Thank you for your detailed response, David.

The tag on this piece is “unrequited love”. I suppose one could also categorize it as a “revenge” poem! I am not a constant gardener of poetry. My poems are more of an emotional pressure relief safety valve. So, yes, they all are auto-biographical. In this case, I fell madly for a woman 14 years younger than myself and our affections were mutual, but…and this is a very large B U T, she just wasn’t THAT into me and over time just couldn’t figure out how to let me down. In the end, she just ghosted me. I thought I was dealing ok with that, but eventually, a cathartic magma bubble welled up and out popped this poem and that was that and I was able to move on.

This recent Medium story wraps all this up nicely by reminding us that, “We have no right to a person simply because we like them or even because we love them.”

As to the unrelated issue of medical cost financing please just let me refer you to this comment I have posted many times here at Medium concerning that topic. In the comment when I refer to “states” I am referring to the individual US state governments as opposed to the federal government.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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