That’s the true point of reincarnation and the eternity of the universe (and thus life). With an infinite number of past lives and an infinite number of future life’s the eternal moment is where all the action is. Nonetheless, though, we are restricted by the “chains” of karma. Cause and effect are simultaneous; meaning that strong tendencies arise as we react to the effects of our own past causes in ways that perpetuate the trend. Dog kickers continue to kick dogs because dogs continue to be aggressive towards them; and dogs continue to be aggressive towards dog kickers (as opposed to non-dog kickers) because…you get the point. So what is one to do? Tap into the unlimited potential of the eternal moment residing deeper than the repository of karma (the point of Buddhist practice). If a dog kicker resolves in the moment to break the cycle, then at the moment the next dog tries to bite them, the kicker will be able to use the wisdom of the moment to lessen the bite (perhaps only loosing cloth instead of flesh). Appreciation in the moment for this lessening of karmic retribution, will enable the kicker to further resolve to break his tendency to where he is no longer a kicker and thus has broken a karmic chain by reacting in a new way to the effects of his past than how he had reacted to similar effects in the past.

Since Kris is all about love, I’d like to point out (through the poem below) that the unlimited potential of the eternal moment is also the basis of love:

If Aristotle Had Loved Women

Aristotle, though wrong, is not to blame for suggesting an endless series to be insane.

He never had the pleasure of your acquaintance nor the metaphors of modern science.

If He had known that your every molecule dies and is reborn in seven yearly intervals.

He’d rejoice with me as we proceeded to imagine your body caressed and heeded.

And to notice the wondrous insufficiency as seven years passed much to quickly.

With so many points of beauty left untouched I’m sure he would gladly concede as much:

That an endless series can hold comfort eternal past and future but a moment

captured when lovers gaze intently and the universe collapses gently.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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