The biggest part of the puzzle is sex.

As a thought experiment, I like to imagine two people meeting their perfect match in every way but sex. Everything is perfect in their relationship except for the fact that neither is sexually attracted to the other. They both spend time with others just for sex. Eventually, time takes its toll and neither of them pursues sexual encounters any longer due to old age, but they are most grateful that they enjoyed what sex they could when they did.

Having the perfect match including sexual attraction seems so against the odds as the years go by that I am beginning to understand why many older men have very good female friendzone only friends and just pay for sex.

Past age 60 it becomes apparent that the number of future sexual experiences will become more and more limited and that every last one is a treasure.

Life is full of hilarious ironies. For example, every man over 60 wishes he could be a woman in her 50’s since he knows that any woman in her 50’s could have all the sex she wanted with men over 60 and that’s all men over 60 want…as much sex as possible. So, if women over 70 were as willing to pay for sex with men in their 60’s as men in their 60’s are willing to pay for sex, then everyone could be happy since the men in their 60’s would have more money with which to afford sex. So the simple, elegant solution to all this mess is for women over 70 to stop wasting their savings on their children and instead spend it on sex with 60-year-old men!

Yes, it does feel good to be a genius who can figure out all this relationship stuff perfectly. You’re welcome!

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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