The concepts expressed about gold in this article are wrong.

1) No, Governments cannot create inflation by mining unlimited amounts of good. Study the gold supply facts and you will soon see how silly is this assertion.

2) Gold has no counter party risk so it is the way to opt out of being a creditor and having an easily exchangeable store of wealth.

3) Gold still plays an important role in the current monetary system and central banks are still accumulating it. What do they know that you don't?

Here is a good thought experiment: Suppose the Federal Reserve wanted to take some of the trillions made available to it by Treasury actions and try to buy up all the gold in the world. That would only cost $7.5 trillion at today's dollar price of gold. What do you think would happen? Would the world be happy to exchange that store of wealth for the $7.5 Trillion in Federal Reserve debt notes created out of thin air? Maybe the Fed could get away with buying a ton or two, but very quickly the dollar of gold would skyrocket while the dollar sank to its intrinsic value approaching zero.

The world is definitely heading for a monetary system reset. Gold, a scarce commodity, is perfectly suited to be money and will very likely play an important part in this reset along side bitcoin, a scarce digital commodity also well suited to be money.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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