The conflict between the Catholic Church and Mexican nation state lasted at least 100 years from 1840 through 1940. As late as 1930–1940 it is estimated that around 300 public school teachers were killed (by lynching and burning) by Catholic terrorists. This is a complicated story not served well by your article which makes it sound like some small group of radical atheists set out to destroy Christianity in Mexico. The Mexican government has had to fight the Catholic Church for its survival. It has also had to fight the church to support basic secular human rights. During the time of the US Civil War era, the Church even supported foreign invaders and monarchists against the democratically elected government of Mexico (Emperor Maximillian vs President Juarez). During the height of the Cristeros War twice as many anti-cristeros combatants were killed as pro-cristeros. Those anti-cristeros believed that had the moral high ground as well. They say that victors write the history books; but sometimes the losers try as well. The losers of the US Civil War sometimes invoke scripture to glorify their lost cause. The Cristeros can be guilty of the same efforts to paint what was a political/economic struggle between an over-bearing church and a state struggling to survive into a battle between freedom of religion versus religious repression. The anti-cristeros would argue that they, however, were the ones fighting for freedom of religion for everyone and against religious repression by the corrupt economic and social policy power of the Catholic Church.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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