The Kinesis monetary eco-system makes it easy to hold both. If Kinesis is an epiphany for you please consider honoring my sharing its existence with you by opening an account using my referral link.

If you need to invest within a traditional investment account then the Sprott Physical Gold Trust ( symbol PHYS), an exchange-traded commodity fund fully invested in physical gold bullion in London Good Delivery bar form stored at the Royal Mint of Canada, is a solid (forgive the pun)gold equivalent since the holders of accounts have the right to demand delivery of their holding in actual bullion. Small account holders would not meet the threshold size for such a bullion withdrawal, but they are able to essentially piggy-back the obligations owed the larger depositors which helps back up the guarantee that the value of the fund is backed by actual physical gold, thus the symbol PHYS.

Also, few regular people would need or want to hold more than a small physical amount of gold. For example, a $10,000 valued roll of 50 1/10th of an ounce coins, which can be easily sold one by one if need be, would fit in the palm of your hand and thus easily hidden in one’s home. No need for storage fees.

For those who want larger physical holdings, many private and government vaults offer reasonably low rates. For example in Texas, we have a state vault that holds the gold reserves of the state (remember, Texas used to be an independent country and later after statehood but during the railroad expansion gathered more gold when gold was commonly used as currency as well as money). The Texas vault is available to all citizens for a reasonably small fee.

I think that in the not so distant future, gold and “digital gold” will escape capital gains taxation. It already has in many countries including Indonesia which has adopted Kinesis for use within its postal banking system, and its Muslim lay organization Haj pilgrimage savings schemes.

Time will only tell if bitcoin will survive. In the meanwhile, gold has traditional value, and now with the blockchain, modern currency attributes. I’m placing my bets on gold as a store of wealth with a 5000 track record. If bitcoin survives then, yes, some speculators will achieve high gains, but I am not a speculator, I am a saver. Most average people are savers as well.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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