The problem with the sentiments expressed in this article is that they reflect the fact that current status quo leadership values economical stability over public health until it is too late for the public to avoid panic. This is what causes the public TO eventually panic.

Ideally, preventive public health would stay well funded; and vigorous containment regimes established and standardized.

When Wuhan cases boomed all flights in and out of China should have been immediately stopped. Everywhere in the world should already have had in stock cheap basic masks ready to disperse to all persons and established legal and societal peer pressure systems to enforce 100% compliance of mask wearing when in public. Also case tracking, testing, and quarantine suppot resources should be ample and ready. The vast majority of workers will never be able to work from home.

Failed status quo leaders like to mock panic. There is a vast range, though, between vigorous preparation and panic. You can identify failed status quo leaders because they only offer two options: Do nothing meaningful OR panic. Well funded well meaning humanistic leadership would not have to mock fear because they would instead be able to lead effective measures to make it unnecessary.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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