The state should allow and encourage the development of a union of "Parents of Children Who Are Well-Behaved" who have the power to "strike" by keeping their children home from school if good classroom management is not upheld. Such parents could create childcare coop networks to support their power and also make arrangements to support members who on an occasional basis randomly show up to observe class. A parents strike would hit the school administration where it hurts, their pocketbook, since funding is based upon attendance. Such a parent's union would also make sure that discipline referrals are the easiest thing a teacher can process instead of the royal pain in the ass administrators purposely make it in order to shirk their responsibility to make it easy for the teacher to focus on instruction. When I started teaching 4th grade in the early 90's in a small rural South Texas town, I only confronted one behavior problem in 3 years. The reason was that the principal was able to support teachers by telling them to be strict about sending a child to the office immediately (no paperwork required) if they were disrespectful to anyone or damaged any property. The children knew that when they showed up at the office they were likely to get a spanking first and tell their side of the story second. When I transferred to a large urban school the difference was very discouraging.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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