There is a section in the book about how ancient societies dealt with the psychological burden of warfare…how to reconstruct the soldier’s humanity. You guessed it — ritualized sexual events. The author is a classically trained (meaning well schooled in Greek classical art and philosophy) graduate of an ivy league divinity school who became a war correspondent and who stayed in the shit for decades. This book is based on his experiences.

Part of the push back you are getting is because most men believe that once the pandora’s box of war has been opened it can never close and the best we can hope for is the maintenance of a professional military that is able to successfully resist the thuggery that war releases. Unfortunately in the USA war is glorified and many men mistakenly use that as an excuse to let their inner thug reign supreme.

This book is required reading for everyone I know. When people tell me “Thank you for your service,” upon finding out I’m a veteran, I tell them that my service as a school teacher was much more worthy of respect and appreciation than my service in the military and that glorification of war is a mortal sin.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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