There is always more to learn about the consistent trends we experience as life, and we should strive to learn more. Ultimately, though, they are beyond intellectual comprehension. That is why the complete Buddhist name for the “Law” is the “Mystic Law”. For 46 years I have chanted the mantra suggested by the Buddhist sage, Nichiren: Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. It is an expression of faith that there is an ultimate reality, but also an expression of faith that such a reality is beyond intellectual comprehension. That is not to say that the intellect is scorned. It is to say, though, that often faith can be used to cut through delusions and achieve wisdom. I have written much about this in various responses to articles here at Medium offering what I deemed to be mistaken interpretations of the Buddhist view of the Middle Way and Karma.

In reading your dialogue between Sade and the Buddha I was struck by the compelling way it lays out the reasons why Mahayana Buddhism is called the “Greater Vehicle” by its proponents. There are greater rebuttals to Sade’s assertions than those presented in your dialogue. That would be an interesting project, but one I don’t have time for right now. In the grand tradition of the dialogue, awhile ago I posted one of my own here at Medium you might enjoy about the Buddhist view of God.

Imagine if you would, re-writing the dialogue as one between Sade and Spinoza, between Sade and the Chinese Buddhist sage Zhiyi, who systematized the Lotus Sutra (which is considered by many Mahayana schools to be Shakyamuni Buddha’s highest teaching), or better yet, between Sade and Nichiren who used Zhiyi’s philosophical foundation to establish a practical Buddhist practice for modern people engaged with society. At Sade’s suggestion that an open invitation stands for Sade to murder his conversationalist, Spinoza’s, Zhiyi’s, or Nichiren’s response would be more along the lines that everyone has the right to defend their dignity and that if attacked they just may have to kill Sade first(or have their bodyguards do so).

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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