Well, Jed, I guess we’re even then. If we just both agree that we are both too lazy to review the data in the articles we cited then we can just go away without ever actually have engaged in a conversation.

Since you were the one who started this line of inquiry I thought you might be willing to review the articles I provided you with integrity. Hey, we all make mistakes, though. So here is your second chance: What exactly in this article:


does not make it clear to you that the CDC article you cited in your first response to my comments, and your summarized conclusions based upon that article, are flawed?

Then I provided you another article providing evidence contradicting your original claims with plenty of “actual data” citations and again you refused to address any of that data. I recommend you also scan the comments to the medpagetoday article where you will read banter similar to ours repeated ad nauseam.


Now, you and I aren’t bad men, we are just overwhelmed with all the unknowns and uncertainty in this situation. That’s why I included the link to this NYT article.


I am arguing that especially those over 60, should err on the side of caution; while you argue that society-wide lockdown NPI measures were too strict. Time will tell. In the meanwhile, I will continue to be snide in my remarks to the “open her up” crowd: Please at least wear a mask, and please tough it out at home and refuse hospitalization if you test positive for Covid-19, because, hey, it’s no worse than the flu, right?


SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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