Wow! Thank you so much for this response. It has been so difficult to broach this subject with friends and family. I have been mostly gaslighted by the conservative religious members of my family who suggest that I am living in a fantasy world or that I am perverse since they interpret my interest in the subject as a perversion aimed at the sexual “enslavement” of women. Jeez, they are trying to make me feel bad for yearning for a woman who is as interested in regular sex as I am…as if the mere hope of finding such a woman is in itself a disrespectful expectation that I am putting on all women and thus something that disqualifies me from a loving relationship. They say It would be better to just engage sex workers! So instead of women overcoming shame and coming to terms with un-equal libido in a relationship in an open healthy way — they say that to even suggest such a discussion is to try to enforce sexual enslavement on a woman — and thus it would be better to engage a sex worker who indeed might be an actual sexual slave! I refuse to buy into that load of crap. I don’t have too many years left and damned if I am going to spend them tip-toeing around the topic of my healthy desire for sexual intimacy!

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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