Yes, follow the advice of this article and embrace bitcoin's volatility as a feature, not a bug. It is impossible for a new asset class to achieve a large capitalization without volatility.

There are three categories one can fit into when it comes to building a bitcoin position: 1) Regular incremental buyer (dollar-cost averaging) 2) All-in (one has already put in what they can and won't be buying more in the future) 3) Dip buyer

Younger people tend to be type 1 or 3. 3's can get an advantage if they do their homework, but eventually they will turn into a 2 when/if their income stream subsides due to age or other factors; or change to a 1 when they lose their ability to effectively predict bitcoin accumulation phases (dips) either due to their own limited emotional or intellectual capacity OR when powerful macroeconomic trends become too erratic.

Given this truth, it doesn't matter much whether bitcoin goes to 60 and then down to 40 and then up to 80 and then down to 50 and then up to 100 and then down to 60. The point is that it will get to 60 which is 20% higher than today and do that in a relatively short period of time while securing ownership of a portion of a reserve asset during a monetary crisis.

However someone builds their position, someday relatively soon, they will be able to weather bitcoins volatility because their cost basis is lower than bitcoin’s significant moving averages below which its dollar price is very unlikely to fall.

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