Yes, I recognize everything you say, but somehow am irresistibly drawn to Pasto and am set on landing there in 2021. It is easier to live with the seemingly insurmountable problems of Latin America if you are old but healthy, resilient, reasonably wealthy, attracted to the culture, and a believer of the potential of Pasto, Colombia to weather the coming storms of the 21st century better than many locations. I feel a yearning from the youth of Colombia to make a new start, to not get stuck in the patterns of the past and I would find it meaningful to devote the few good years I have left to help raise up even one such youth. To some degree, most of the world is a mafia state -- what matters in the long run is what percent of the mafia currency is invested in the development of real wealth inside the country as compared to financialized rent seeking endeavors outside of the country; and to what degree the country can achieve self-sufficiency in food and energy as the USA withdraws support from the current world order and countries revert to a geopolitical and economic situation more akin to the year 1880 than the year 2020. Pasto's cool altitude, plentiful rain, geothermal energy, verdant surrounding agricultural lands, and skilled agricultural people actually give it a good chance of adapting reasonably well to the huge problems facing the global community.

SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff, knows a great deal about Medicare

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